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Our haulage group based in Maidstone, serves the whole of Kent.

Our services include the pick up and delivery of aggregate, sand, gravel and topsoil. We also provide a muck away waste disposal service.

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muck away waste disposal

On-Site Support

From Dover to Dartford. The services we provide to our customers stretch across the entire county of Kent.

Off-Site Support

Our team at Tipper Haulage Solutions provide efficient and friendly support to our customers. We are in constant contact with our drivers ensuring reliable and dependable delivery

Gravel Pick up and Deliver

Our 32 tonne 8 wheel tipper trucks can easily cope with the pick-up and removal of gravel . We can deliver to commercial buisiness or to the home. All you have to  do is contact us and we take care of the rest. Call us today on 07709070489

muck away waste disposal


Aggregate Pick up and Deliver

We pick up and deliver aggregate more than any other material, and we are quite prepared to travel long distances to assist our customers.  So, let us carry your load to it’s destination.

muck away waste disposal


Sand Pick up and Deliver

Builders cannot do without Sand and we regularly move sand to construction sites and homes

muck away waste disposal


Inta-Site Haulage

We are available for moving materials from one part of a site to another. Call us today to book this service.

inta-site haulage

Reliable and dependable service

Arriving on site is one thing, arriving on time and ensuring delivery on time, every time is something that we pride ourselves on. We know how important an efficient service is to our customers and we also know they have a choice.

muck away wast disposal

Muck away waste Disposal

Removing waste from site and disposing of it at landfill sites in our 8 wheel tipper trucks is just one of the many services that we provide to our customers

muck away waste disposal


Topsoil Pick up and Deliver

For Landscaping on commercial business sites or simply to build a garden in a domestic home. We will deliver the topsoil when it suits you.

muck away waste disposal

We are also available for Hire 24/7

We also provide a hire service. You can hire a tipper truck with a driver for a fixed fee for day/night work. Call us today for more information.

muck away waste disposal

Tipper Haulage Solutions

Underpinning the building industry. We help build the foundations to your business

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muck away waste disposal
muck away waste disposal
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